About me

I was hired at Brandi Phipps Communications because my name is Brandi Phipps. I got super lucky.

Truth is, I love a good story. Storytelling is an art, and visual storytelling is my art. A compelling image can take command of your day in an instant. Done right, the entirety of an organization’s mission can be condensed down to one succinct mark, and from there, a brand can be built. Whether it’s a website, a magazine layout or a poster, I really love this stuff.

I’ve been designing for a long time, but really there’s no need to date myself. (I’ve gone to great lengths to ensure this information cannot be found anywhere online.)

With a little wit, whitespace and wherewithal, I can likely help you and perhaps make this somewhat painless.

Let’s talk.



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2101 New Hampshire Ave NW
Suite 304
Washington, DC 20009

Cell 703.625.9327
Office 202.450.6156
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Bio photos by Elizabeth Waugh.